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Upgrade travel to JOY!

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Audio guide in different languages, interactive map and so much more.

With Wingman you can change the way You travel. This handy little app will be Your smart companion, who can help you out wherever You are. Discover Your next destination with us and we provide not just great stories, secrets and scandals of the city You are!

Need that little spicy extra? Just open Wingman during Your tour and You’ll find some extra content in every sight. These are hidden gems, not mentioned in our audio!

So start using Wingman and upgrade Your travel to joy!

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, it doesn’t matter; Wingman is limitless. Download it from your favourite store!

Downloading Wingman elevates your travel experience. With this app, simplicity meets complexity in your hands, inspiring you to travel more.

Get Wingman for free, try it out, and if you crave more, simply purchase credits to fully enjoy every location!

Want more? Use Wingman audio guide and absorb yourself into the city you’re currently visiting.

Start when you want, pause if you need to, and have fun with the stories whenever! You can even download it at home, so no worries about extra phone charges when you’re away!

Invite your friends and family through the Wingman app and earn extra credits for both yourself and them.

Experience the adventures together, discover the world as one. With us.
Because we know: Memories are at their best when shared with someone. The same goes for travel.

Did you enjoy a particular tour? Share it with others so they can also find the wonders of the world with your help.

Don’t tolerate boundaries? The Wingman app is your partner in this too! Send credits to your acquaintances so they can choose what they are curious about in the world! Or receive credits from others and travel wherever your heart desires!

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