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Welcome to the Big Apple, where the lights are as bright as the possibilities and the streets never sleep!

In New York City, every corner promises a new story and every skyscraper tells a tale of ambition.

Dive into the ultimate NYC experience with Wingman at your side.

Our audio tours aren’t just about showing you the sights; they’re your backstage pass to the hidden gems and whispered secrets of the city.

With Wingman, you’re not just visiting New York; you’re living it—block by block, bite by bite, with real insider tips that turn typical tourists into savvy city slickers.

Ready to see the city that never sleeps through the eyes of those who know it best? 

Amsterdam Canal with Bike


New York Trivia - Did You Know?

That New York’s Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco? Covering 843 acres, it’s a sprawling green oasis in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, complete with hidden sculptures, secret gardens, and even a castle!

Top 3 wingman tours

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a history enthusiast, or looking for a romantic escape, Wingman has meticulously designed experiences to make your visit extraordinary.

Join us to unlock the dynamic spirit of Dubai through adventures that promise more than just sightseeing!

Gangsters’ Paradise: Uncover the Mafia Mysteries of NYC

Dive into the darker side of the Big Apple with our After the Mobsters” tour.

Discover the haunts and hideouts of infamous figures like “Lucky” Luciano and unravel why a humble pastry shop became a mafia meeting spot.

Trace the steps of notorious gangsters and learn how they turned the city’s underbelly into their personal playground.

Our After the Mobsters tour is not just a tour; it’s a thrilling ride through the clandestine corners of New York’s mafia history.

Greenwich Village Gastronomy: A Foodie’s Dream Walk

Saunter through the savory streets of Greenwich Village where celebrities dine discreetly and culinary gems await.

From artisan eats to the quintessential New York slice, our tour offers a taste of the city’s diverse palette without breaking the bank.

Experience the flavors that fuel the locals and discover why Greenwich is the gastronomic heart of Manhattan.

Join us and taste your way through the Village—where every bite tells a story.

Stilettos and Stories: The Sex and the City Experience

Step into the stylish shoes of Carrie Bradshaw with our exclusive “Sex and the City” tour.

Visit 8 iconic locations from the beloved series, from chic boutiques to the steps of Carrie’s brownstone.

Relive the romance, fashion, and drama that defined a generation of dreamers in the city that never sleeps.

It’s not just a tour; it’s a toast to love, friendship, and fabulousness in NYC.

tourist traps to avoid

in new york

We know your vacation time is precious, and nothing grinds gears like falling into a tourist trap. So, buckle up as Wingman navigates you away from the “tourist tax” and guides you through a trap-free travel experience with the following slide show…

Souvenir Shenanigans

Don’t fall for those I ❤ NY mugs! Swap the Times Square trinket shops for the charming boutiques in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg or the artisan markets in Chelsea. Discover unique NYC memorabilia that actually reflects the city’s artsy vibes. Shop where the New Yorkers shop, not where they avoid!

Tourist-Packed Tastes

Forget about those long lines at famous but overhyped eateries. We’ll guide you to hidden culinary gems in neighborhoods like Astoria for authentic global bites or the East Village for gourmet grassroots dining. Enjoy where the locals eat—from bagel shops to hidden speakeasies—and taste the real flavors of New York without the crowds.

Iconic Overloads

Sure, the Statue of Liberty is a must-see, but did you know you can catch a stunning view from the Staten Island Ferry for free? Or, visit during off-peak hours for a more serene experience. We’ll show you how to enjoy NYC’s icons without the side of stress.

High-Priced Heights

Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building are breathtaking, but their prices? Not so much. Why not hit up lesser-known rooftop bars in Manhattan or the scenic vistas from parks in Queens for free panoramic views of the skyline? Get that high-life experience without the wallet wipeout.

hidden gems of new york


You’re about to dive into the lesser-known enclaves and underground scenes that pulse with the true rhythm of the Big Apple.
From elevated green spaces soaring above the urban fray to speakeasies that whisper of the city’s Prohibition past, our guide is your key to unlocking these concealed treasures.

Elevated Gardens Above the City

Discover an urban oasis atop the historic freight rail line in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. This elevated park offers lush greenery, art installations, and unique views of the cityscape.
Insider Tip: Visit during the late afternoon for fewer crowds and stunning sunset views over the Hudson.
Coordinates: 40.747993 N, -74.004765 

Roosevelt Island – The Quiet Side of NYC!

Escape the urban rush with a quick tram ride to Roosevelt Island. Explore peaceful walking paths, gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of Manhattan’s East Side.
Insider Tip: Don’t miss the Roosevelt Island Spring Cherry Blossom Festival for a spectacular floral display. (March-April)
Coordinates: 40.760503 N, -73.950993 W

Catch Tomorrow’s Stars at Arlene’s Grocery

Rock out at this legendary Lower East Side venue known for launching some of the biggest names in music. It’s the perfect spot to catch live bands in an intimate setting.
Insider Tip: Check their Monday night lineup for surprise shows by big-name artists trying out new material.
Coordinates: 40.7218 N, -73.9879 W

Whisper the Password at PDT (Please Don’t Tell)!

This hidden gem is tucked away behind a vintage phone booth within Crif Dogs. Enjoy a night of inventive cocktails in a prohibition-era atmosphere.
Insider Tip: Call early in the day to snag a reservation; this spot fills up quickly due to its exclusivity and allure.
Coordinates: 40.7271 N, -73.9838 W

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At Wingman, we’re passionate about transforming your travel experiences from typical to tremendous.

Each city is a new chapter in your adventure book, filled with unique cultures, sights, and sounds for you. 

Why stop at one? Explore our global network of destinations, from the romantic streets of Paris to the vibrant landscapes of Bangkok.

Dive into diverse cultures with our expertly crafted tours designed to enlighten and entertain.

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culinary delights of new york

Get ready to nibble your way through New York’s diverse culinary landscape with Wingman’s ultimate Taste of New York dining guide.

From Michelin stars to street food stars, we’ve got your cravings covered!

Upscale Unwind in the Meatpacking District

Dive into the chic vibes of the Meatpacking District where gourmet meets trendy in every bite.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with dishes that are as stylish as the surroundings!
Insider Tip: Try “Catch NYC” for their seafood towers that are almost as spectacular as the rooftop views.
Coordinates: 40.7401° N, 74.0059° W

The Secret Bagel Boss

Hidden in plain sight, “Absolute Bagels” at the Upper West Side offers a crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle New York classic that rivals more famous names. Discover why even New Yorkers stand in line for these bagels!
Insider Tip: Go for the everything bagel with lox spread, a local favorite not to be missed!
Coordinates: 40.8021° N, 73.9677° W


Rooftop Revelry

Elevate your evening at “The Press Lounge,” known for its panoramic views of Manhattan and a sophisticated cocktail menu.

Here, the art of pizza is taken as seriously as a fine painting!
Insider Tip: Get the signature Press cocktail, sip, and savor the sunset skyline.
Coordinates: 40.7699° N, 73.9929° W

cultural insights of new york

Dubai isn’t just skyscrapers and shopping malls; it’s a mosaic of traditions and customs waiting to be explored.

Wingman takes you beyond the typical tourist experiences to engage authentically with the local culture.

Broadway Bound: The Heartbeat of New York Theatre

Step into the dazzling world of Broadway to experience the pinnacle of live theater that defines New York. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a cutting-edge new show, Broadway is where stars are born and dreams are made.
Insider Tip: For those looking to experience Broadway without breaking the bank, try the TKTS booth in Times Square where same-day tickets are often sold at a significant discount.
Coordinates: 40.7590° N, 73.9845° W

Off-Broadway Gems: Beyond the Mainstream

Dive deeper into New York’s theatrical scene with off-Broadway shows that offer innovative and intimate performances across the city. Here, find the daring and diverse that Broadway can’t always accommodate.
Insider Tip: Check out “New York Theatre Workshop” in East Village for shows that often move to Broadway—like the original “Rent”—catch them before ticket prices soar!
Coordinates: 40.7265° N, 73.9897° 

Brooklyn Beats: The Hip-Hop Movement

Explore the vibrant hip-hop scene in Brooklyn where grassroots venues pulsate with the sounds of both established and emerging hip-hop artists. This is where the genre’s heart beats loudest.
Insider Tip: “The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival” offers an annual celebration of hip-hop culture and is a fantastic way to experience the scene authentically. Look out for street performances and underground shows for a raw taste of the genre.
Coordinates: 40.7007° N, 73.9418° W

Grand Central Terminal - New York

new york top sights

Statue of Liberty

Well-known Fact: A gift from France to America in 1886, the Statue of Liberty stands as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Located on Liberty Island, it offers visitors a poignant glimpse into American history and provides panoramic views of New York Harbor.

Central Park

Well-known Fact: Central Park is an urban oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Spanning over 843 acres, it features iconic locations such as Strawberry Fields, the Central Park Zoo, and the Bethesda Fountain, making it a vital part of NYC’s cultural fabric.

Times Square

Well-known Fact: Known as “The Crossroads of the World,” Times Square is famed for its bustling atmosphere, massive digital billboards, and Broadway theaters. It is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated 50 million visitors annually.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Well-known Fact: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met,” is the largest art museum in the United States. Its collection includes over two million works, spanning 5,000 years of world culture, from the splendors of ancient Egypt to contemporary masterpieces.

Empire State Building

Well-known Fact: An iconic symbol of New York City, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world upon its completion in 1931. Today, it offers visitors breathtaking 360-degree views of Manhattan from its observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors.

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