Street Food to Haute Cuisine: A Culinary Journey from Amsterdam to Istanbul

Amsterdam – A Bite of Dutch Delight Amsterdam is not just a feast for the eyes but also a banquet for the discerning palate. Imagine you're meandering through the cobbled lanes, and your nose catches a waft of something utterly divine. Yes, that's the aroma of...

Top 5 Specialty Café Shops in Budapest: Where to Sip and Savor

Here’s your wingman guide to navigating the best specialty cafés Budapest has to offer.

What a month!

What a month! We finished the alpha test of the Wingman app!

So little time and so much to do

We’re in the middle of our product development process, our team
gets better and better.

Travel Guide Paris: How to Travel Sustainably in Eco-Conscious Cities

This travel guide to Paris will navigate you through the heart of France with an eco-conscious approach, ensuring that your visit not only enriches your life but also positively contributes to the local environment and community.

The Wingman public BETA test has started

A milestone has been reached by Safis with their self-developed tourism application.

Well, the last some weeks were busy as hell, but it’s worth it!

We have hundreds of new users and
You have to be sure that we’re so glad each and every one of You!

Great news!

We did a lot and now we are sure that our beta test will start on March!

Travel Guide London 2024: Your Ultimate Companion

London Calling – And It's Not Just the Phone Booths! Ah, London! A city where history and modernity dance the tango on cobblestone streets, where the Queen’s guards stand stoic, probably dreaming of a cuppa, and where the weather is as unpredictable as a plot twist in...

Conquering the Imperium War Museum in London

The Call to Arms Picture this: history as a pint of beer—complex, rich, and every so often, leaving you with a taste that's bitterly surprising, yet somehow, utterly satisfying. It's a brew that's been fermenting for centuries, infused with the essence of heroes and...

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New cities in Your pocket

New cities in Your pocket

Wingman’s development is an ongoing process, and more city tours are being created along the way

Wingman Evolves Further

Wingman Evolves Further

The next update for Safis’ self-developed tourism application, Wingman, has been released.

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