Aug 20, 2023 | 02 kategória

New cities in Your pocket

Wingman’s development is an ongoing process, and more city tours are being created along the way. Furthermore, Wingman has announced a competition in collaboration with Számalk-Szalézi Technical School and Vocational Training School. The winners, in addition to a substantial cash prize, will be pleased to see their tours featured among Wingman’s authenticated tours. The victorious team members, Dorina Móricz, Réka Sevinger, and Alexandra Aranyi, created all the tours for New York, so you’ll soon find the Big Apple within the app!

Besides being one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA, Wingman will also guide you to numerous new places in Europe. Upcoming cities include Vienna, Prague, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Soon, we’ll be everywhere on every continent!

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