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Explore Stuttgart: The Cradle of Automotive Innovation

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Dive into the essence of innovation with Stuttgart, a city that revolutionized the automotive world.

From its historic role as the birthplace of the automobile to its lush vineyard-covered hills, Wingman is your guide through this dynamic city.

Dive into the essence of innovation with Stuttgart, a city that revolutionized the automotive world. From its historic role as the birthplace of the automobile to its lush vineyard-covered hills, Wingman is your guide through this dynamic city.

Stuttgart, once the engine room of Germany’s industrial revolution, has transformed its landscape into a thriving hub of culture and green spaces. Explore architectural marvels and museums that narrate the storied past of this industrious city, now standing proudly as icons of innovation and resilience.

With Wingman, every winding road and architectural masterpiece tells a story, offering unique insights that transform a simple visit into a captivating journey.

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Stuttgart Trivia - Did You Know?

That Stuttgart is often referred to as the “cradle of the automobile”? This city played a pivotal role in the history of the automotive industry, being the place where the first car was invented by Karl Benz in 1886. Stuttgart is also home to both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, with both companies hosting their own high-tech museums that showcase their history, developments, and futuristic concepts.

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Join us on our exclusive audio guide tours and discover how Stuttgart has evolved from its industrial roots to become a beacon of cultural and technological brilliance. This isn’t just a city tour; it’s your gateway to explore the heart of Germany’s cradle of automotive innovation.

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Discover Stuttgart with Wingman: Speed and Style Tour

Stuttgart is known as the “cradle of the automobile,” and as such, it does not disappoint.

Both the Mercedes and Porsche Museums are worth visiting on their own, but while you are here, we’ll show you around Shlossplatz as well, where you can feel the city’s atmosphere and chill before or after a chilling football match.

tourist traps to avoid

in stuttgart

We know your vacation time is precious, and nothing grinds gears like falling into a tourist trap. So, buckle up as Wingman navigates you away from the “tourist tax” and guides you through a trap-free travel experience with the following slide show…

Ride Smart, Not Expensive!

Be cautious of taxis picked up directly from the airport or main train stations as they may charge inflated rates. Always ensure the meter is running or consider pre-booking through a reputable app to get fair, predetermined rates.

Keep Your Eyes Wide and Wallet Closed!

Often found in busy tourist areas like Schlossplatz, the cup and ball game is a common street scam designed to trick spectators out of their money. Remember, if it looks too easy, it’s likely a scam. Walk away to avoid losing money.

No Prices, Big Surprises!

Watch out for restaurants, especially in the tourist-heavy areas, that don’t display prices on their menus. Always ask for a menu with listed prices to avoid a shockingly high bill.

Finders Are Not Always Keepers!

In this scam, a person picks up a ring off the ground, claiming you dropped it, and after you deny ownership, they offer to sell it to you for a “good” price. Politely decline and keep moving.

Only Genuine Tickets Get You In!

Be wary of scalpers selling tickets near event venues like the Mercedes-Benz Arena. To ensure you’re not purchasing counterfeit tickets, always buy directly from the venue or authorized sellers.

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From groundbreaking automotive history to enchanting performances and ecological wonders, Stuttgart offers a unique blend of innovation and tradition.

Birkenkopf (Rubble Hill)

Think you’ve seen all the vistas? Think again! Birkenkopf, also known as Rubble Hill, offers a unique panorama of Stuttgart. This hill was formed from the debris of buildings destroyed during World War II and now stands as a somber memorial as well as a viewpoint.

Insider Tips: Make the climb at sunset for a breathtaking view of the city’s lights beginning to twinkle. The path is less crowded, and the setting sun casts a beautiful glow over the cityscape.

Coordinates: 48.7758° N, 9.1624° E

Weißenburg Park

Hidden in plain sight: Nestled in a residential area, Weißenburg Park is a tranquil escape with an art nouveau villa, tea house, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Insider Tips: Visit the Teehaus for a cozy afternoon tea and enjoy the panoramic view from the terrace. Don’t miss the Roman bath ruins hidden within the park’s grounds.

Coordinates: 48.7636° N, 9.1682° E


Off the beaten track waters: Max-Eyth-See is a serene lake formed by a former quarry. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy nature, with vineyards sprawling up the hillsides around it.

Insider Tips: Rent a paddleboat to explore the lake fully, or take a leisurely walk around its perimeter to spot local wildlife.

Coordinates: 48.8139° N, 9.2386° E

Lapidarium Stuttgart

A sculpture garden tucked away in history: The Lapidarium is an enchanting garden museum displaying stone artifacts from Stuttgart’s past, ranging from medieval to modern times.

Insider Tips: Check for occasional open-air concerts and events in the garden, which make for an atmospheric experience among the sculptures and ruins.

Brilliantly picturesque: The garden’s layout makes it an ideal spot for photographers looking for a mix of nature and art.

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culinary delights of stuttgart

Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey through some of Stuttgart’s finest eateries, each offering a unique taste of local and international cuisine. Get ready to indulge in a feast that celebrates Stuttgart’s culinary heritage and contemporary twists!

Weinstube Am Stadtgraben

A toast to tradition and taste: Nestled in the historic heart of Stuttgart, Weinstube Am Stadtgraben isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Swabian culinary traditions. Here, the focus is on classic dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients, served in a cozy, rustic setting.

Insider Tips: Don’t miss their Maultaschen, a Swabian specialty similar to ravioli but filled with a delicious mix of meat, spinach, and herbs. Pair it with a local wine, expertly selected to complement the rich flavors of the region.

Coordinates: 48.7758° N, 9.1829° E


Gourmet delights in a modern setting: Guided by the culinary expertise of Michelin-starred chef Nico Burkhardt, Olivo offers a contemporary fine dining experience that draws inspiration from global cuisines while using regional ingredients.

Insider Tips: Opt for the chef’s tasting menu to experience a range of creative dishes. The menu changes seasonally, ensuring each visit offers a new taste adventure.

Coordinates: 48.7825° N, 9.1770° E

Markthalle Stuttgart

A feast for the senses: The Markthalle Stuttgart is not just a market but a vibrant hub of gastronomy, featuring over 30 stalls selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to exotic spices and artisan cheeses.

Insider Tips: Explore the stalls for a taste of local and international flavors—be sure to try some Swabian cheeses and the freshly baked pretzels. Visit during the morning hours for the freshest produce and fewer crowds.

Coordinates: 48.7776° N, 9.1808° E

Zum Ackerbürger

Back to the roots: Zum Ackerbürger specializes in traditional Swabian dishes served in a warm, welcoming atmosphere that feels like stepping into a bygone era.

Insider Tips: Try their hearty Swabian lentils with spaetzle and sausages, a local dish that’s beloved for its simple, comforting flavors. The restaurant’s beer garden is perfect for a relaxed evening enjoying Stuttgart’s local beers.

Coordinates: 48.7827° N, 9.1626° E

cultural insights of stuttgart

From medieval structures that whisper age-old tales to modern festivals that light up the night sky, Frankfurt offers a unique blend of history and innovation.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and celebrated events that showcase the soul of this bustling European metropolis.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

From Horsepower to High Tech: The Mercedes-Benz Museum is not just about cars; it’s a journey through the evolution of one of Germany’s most iconic brands, set against the backdrop of global and automotive history. This architectural marvel spirals upwards, taking visitors from the invention of the automobile to the latest advancements in design and technology.

Insider Tips: Make sure to check out the collection of classic Mercedes-Benz models, including the oldest surviving Mercedes from 1902. The museum’s guided tours offer fascinating insights into the narratives behind some of the brand’s most iconic designs.

Stuttgart State Theatre (Staatstheater Stuttgart)

A Stage for Every Taste: As the largest tri-bloc theatre in Europe, the Stuttgart State Theatre offers an unparalleled array of performances, from opera to ballet and drama. It’s a cultural powerhouse that reflects the city’s deep-rooted love for the performing arts.

Insider Tips: Visit during the festive season to catch a performance of the Nutcracker ballet, a local holiday tradition. The theater’s mix of classic and modern productions means there’s something to suit all artistic preferences.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden

A Botanical and Zoological Paradise: Wilhelma is unique in Europe for combining a zoo with a botanical garden, housed in a historic Moorish-style palace. It’s home to over 10,000 animals and a wide variety of plant species from around the world, showcasing biodiversity in beautifully themed landscapes.

Insider Tips: Don’t miss the Amazonica house where you can experience a tropical rainforest climate and see vibrant South American plant and animal species. The magnolia grove is spectacular in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

Siegestor, Münich Germany

Vintage Race Cars Displayed in Mercedes-Benz Museum

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stuttgart top sights

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Highlight: This stunning museum chronicles the history of the automobile from its inception to the present day, featuring an impressive array of Mercedes-Benz vehicles that showcase over 130 years of automotive innovation.

Porsche Museum

Highlight: A dream for car enthusiasts, the Porsche Museum offers a sleek display of more than 80 vehicles, including iconic models such as the Porsche 911, all housed in a futuristic building that reflects Porsche’s design ethos.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden

Highlight: Unique for combining a zoological and botanical garden, Wilhelma hosts around 11,500 animals and a variety of plants in a historic park and greenhouse complex, making it one of the most biodiverse places in Europe.


Highlight: The largest square in Stuttgart, Schlossplatz is the heart of the city and a favorite gathering place. It is surrounded by historic buildings like the New Castle and offers a vibrant atmosphere with frequent concerts and events.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Highlight: As one of Germany’s leading art museums, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart boasts an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures from the 14th century to the present, including works by European masters like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Oskar Schlemmer.

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