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Welcome to Düsseldorf, where the heartwarming Rheinish hospitality blends seamlessly with modern sophistication, creating a city that’s both cozy and cutting-edge.

From the cobbled streets of Altstadt serving traditional Altbier to the avant-garde architecture of MedienHafen, Düsseldorf offers a unique harmony of past and present.

Enter Wingman, your ultimate Düsseldorf companion! Forget those bulky travel guides and perplexing city plans that resemble a fashion designer’s chaotic sketchbook.

With personalized audio tours that whisper Düsseldorf’s hidden gems and fashion tales right in your ear, and smart interactive maps that guide you like a seasoned Altstadt dweller.

From the cobbled charm of Bolkerstraße to the avant-garde skyline of MedienHafen, experience tailored journeys through Germany’s most sophisticated city.

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Fashion, Frankenheim, and Frank Gehry

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Düsseldorf Trivia - Did You Know?

Did you know that Düsseldorf is home to the world’s longest bar? The city’s historic Altstadt (Old Town) boasts over 260 pubs and breweries within just one square kilometer, earning it the title “The Longest Bar in the World.” Additionally, Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in Germany, leading to its nickname “Little Tokyo on the Rhine,” complete with authentic ramen shops, a grand Japan Day festival, and even a Japanese chamber of commerce.

Top wingman tour in düsseldorf

Step beyond the beer steins and boutiques to discover Düsseldorf’s multifaceted charm with our curated audio tours.

From the fashion-forward Kö to avant-garde galleries and the city’s tech-savvy, Japanese-flavored districts, Wingman unveils layers of culture often missed by guidebooks.

Düsseldorf – Tech Tales & Tasty Trip

Begin in MedienHafen, where Frank Gehry’s twisted towers symbolize Düsseldorf’s digital revolution—home to tech startups and media giants.

Then, swap bytes for bites in Oberbilk’s Little Tokyo, savoring authentic ramen and sushi. Our guide shares how this enclave became Europe’s largest Japanese community.

Finally, stroll to Fürstenplatz for the Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten (mustard-crusted roast beef)—a dish that marries tradition with the city’s innovative spirit.

tourist traps to avoid

in düsseldorf

We know your vacation time is precious, and nothing grinds gears like falling into a tourist trap. So, buckle up as Wingman navigates you away from the “tourist tax” and guides you through a trap-free travel experience with the following slide show…

Altstadt After Dark: Where Menus Moonlight as Price Gougers

Advice on skipping overpriced restaurants in Altstadt during peak hours: Between 6-9 PM, Altstadt’s charm lures tourists into overpriced, mediocre eateries near Marktplatz. Instead, follow locals to side streets like Ratinger Straße for authentic, budget-friendly Rheinish cuisine. At Füchschen, savor their house-brewed Altbier with Himmel un Äd (black pudding with mashed potatoes and applesauce) at half the tourist-spot prices. Insider Tip: Visit Altstadt restaurants during lunch (11 AM-2 PM) for generous “Mittagsmenü” (set lunch) deals.

Rheinkirmes: Fun Fair or Funds Farewell?

Warning about souvenir shops selling mass-produced “traditional” items: Those quaint shops along Flinger Straße? Many sell “traditional” souvenirs made in bulk overseas. For authentic keepsakes, head to the Handwerkermarkt at Burgplatz on Saturdays, where local artisans offer handcrafted goods. Alternatively, pick up a bottle of Killepitsch, Düsseldorf’s herbal liqueur, from the historic Et Kabüffke bar. Insider Tip: Visit Ufer 8 Am Rheinauhafen for modern, locally designed souvenirs that truly reflect Düsseldorf’s spirit.

Taxi-dermy: Stuffing Your Wallet at Hauptbahnhof

Tips for enjoying the Rheinkirmes fair without overspending: The Rheinkirmes, Germany’s largest fun fair, can quickly empty your wallet. Avoid carnival games (they’re often rigged) and dine before arriving. For rides, buy a multi-ticket pack in advance online or from participating shops in the city. Don’t miss the free fireworks show on the second Friday—best viewed from the Rhine’s left bank. Insider Tip: Visit on “Family Day” (usually the first Wednesday) for significant discounts on rides and food.

Free Tours, Fee Snores: The Hidden Costs of Königsallee Kindness

Don’t get lured by “free” walking tours in expensive areas: “Free” walking tours starting at Heinrich-Heine-Allee often rush through highlights, then pressure you for large tips near pricey Königsallee cafés. Instead, invest in Wingman’s thorough audio guides or join the city’s official tours from the Tourist Info Office under the Hauptbahnhof. They’re fairly priced and led by certified guides passionate about their city. Insider Tip: Every Sunday at 3 PM, volunteer students offer genuinely free, donation-based tours from the Statue of Jan Wellem—a heartfelt introduction to their beloved Düsseldorf.

hidden gems of düsseldorf


Beneath Düsseldorf’s polished facade of high fashion and gleaming skyscrapers lies a city of whispered secrets and tucked-away treasures. While many visitors get lost in the swanky shops of Königsallee or the pulsating nightlife of Altstadt, Wingman invites you to peel back the layers and discover the hidden Düsseldorf—a city of quiet corners, forgotten art, and centuries-old traditions.

Apollo in the Hofgarten

In the heart of the Hofgarten, Düsseldorf’s oldest park, stands a forgotten masterpiece—the Apollo monument. This neoclassical sculpture, crafted in 1906, is often missed by visitors captivated by the park’s famous Jröne Jong statue. Apollo’s serene presence offers a quiet spot for reflection, surrounded by century-old trees.
Insider Tip: Visit on Thursday evenings in summer when the nearby Schloss Jägerhof hosts open-air classical concerts.
Coordinates: 51.2290° N, 6.7833° E

Füchschen Brauerei in Unterbilk

Far from the Altstadt crowds, Füchschen Brauerei in Unterbilk offers an authentic Düsseldorf beer experience. This family-run brewery has been crafting top-fermented Altbier since 1848, maintaining traditions lost elsewhere. Enjoy a “Füchschen Alt” with local specialties like “Düsseldorfer Sauerkrauteintopf” in their cozy pub.
Insider Tip: Join their free brewery tour every first Saturday at 11 AM, but book via email—it’s not advertised online.
Coordinates: 51.2167° N, 6.7667° E

Kunst im Tunnel (KIT) beneath the Rhine Promenade

Beneath the bustling Rhine Promenade hides KIT, a contemporary art space carved into the river’s embankment. This subterranean gallery showcases experimental works by emerging artists, offering a stark contrast to its historic surroundings. The entrance, a glass pavilion, provides a unique view where river life meets modern art.

Insider Tip: Visit on “Kunstpunkte” weekend (usually late August) when KIT and 50+ artist studios open for free.

Coordinates: 51.2265° N, 6.7724° E

Vennhauser Mühle in Unterbach

On Düsseldorf’s eastern edge, the 16th-century Vennhauser Mühle stands as a living relic, still powered by the Pillebach stream. This functioning watermill offers more than history—it’s now a rustic restaurant serving organic, locally-sourced meals. Dine on the terrace overlooking the mill pond, enjoying dishes made with their own stone-ground flour.
Insider Tip: Book a table for “Mühlenfest” in early May, featuring miller demonstrations, live folk music, and special bread tastings.
Coordinates: 51.2070° N, 6.8707° E

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culinary delights of düsseldorf

Oh, Düsseldorf, you culinary temptress—where else can you find a beer older than your grandpa’s jokes and a mustard so zesty it could make a statue wince?

From Altstadt’s liquid gold to Little Tokyo’s ramen sorcery, this city’s flavors are as bold as a fashion designer’s ego. Loosen that belt, dear traveler; Düsseldorf’s about to take your taste buds on a Rhine-side roller coaster!

Senfrostbraten at Brauerei im Goldenen Ring

Savor Düsseldorf’s iconic Senfrostbraten (mustard-crusted roast beef) at Brauerei im Goldenen Ring, a historic pub in the heart of Altstadt. Their 150-year-old recipe uses Löwensenf, Düsseldorf’s famed extra-hot mustard, creating a dish that embodies the city’s bold spirit.

Insider Tip: In 2024, they’re celebrating 60 years of brewing with a special anniversary Altbier—pair it with your Senfrostbraten for a truly Düsseldorf experience.

Coordinates: 51.2259° N, 6.7727° E

Altbier Tasting at Füchschen’s New Brew Lab

Explore Düsseldorf’s beer soul at Füchschen’s innovative Brew Lab, opened in late 2023 in Unterbilk. Here, the city’s oldest family brewery experiments with Altbier variations—think oak-aged or dry-hopped versions—while honoring traditional methods.

Insider Tip: Visit on Thursdays for their “Future of Alt” series, where guest brewers from across Germany collaborate on boundary-pushing Altbiers.

Coordinates: 51.2167° N, 6.7667° E

Haute Rhineland at Fritz’s Frau Franzi

Experience MedienHafen’s culinary transformation at Fritz’s Frau Franzi, where industrial chic meets modern Rhineland cuisine. Chef Franzi Schött, a rising star, reimagines classics like Sauerbraten, here served as sous-vide beef cheeks with gin-soaked raisins.

Insider Tip: Book their 2024 “Rhein-Interpretation” menu, featuring a dish for each city along the Rhine, including a Kölsch-battered fish as a nod to Cologne’s rivalry.

Coordinates: 51.2156° N, 6.7520° E

Ramen Revolution at Takumi

Dive into Düsseldorf’s “Little Tokyo” at Takumi on Immermannstraße, the ramen shop that sparked the city’s Japanese food renaissance. Their Miso Ramen, rich with Hokkaido miso and springy noodles, has locals lining up even in winter.

Insider Tip: Throughout 2024, Takumi is hosting “Ramen Reunions,” bringing back guest chefs from Tokyo each month to celebrate their 20 years in Düsseldorf.

Coordinates: 51.2277° N, 6.7899° E

cultural insights of düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf, culture isn’t just in museums; it’s practically chasing you down the street. One minute you’re sipping Altbier, the next you’re suspended in a glass dome pondering the meaning of life (or how to get down). From electronic music that’ll rewire your brain to a cherry blossom festival so pink it’ll make flamingos jealous, this city’s cultural scene is as diverse as a potluck at the UN. Brace yourself: Düsseldorf’s about to culture-shock you in the best possible way!

K21 Ständehaus – Art in the Sky

Enter K21 Ständehaus, Düsseldorf’s avant-garde jewel, where contemporary art meets architectural wonder. In 2024, its iconic glass-domed roof hosts Tomás Saraceno’s latest installation, “Cloud Cities Düsseldorf”—a walkable network of transparent spheres, merging art, sustainability, and breathtaking city views.

Insider Tip: Book the “Sunset Art Walk” on summer Fridays in 2024, where you can explore Saraceno’s floating world as the sun sets over Düsseldorf’s skyline, followed by a Q&A with museum curators.

Coordinates: 51.2194° N, 6.7759° E

New Music Festival at Tonhalle

Experience the pinnacle of acoustic perfection at Düsseldorf’s Tonhalle, a former planetarium turned world-class concert hall. In September 2024, it hosts the centennial “Stockhausen New Music Festival,” honoring Karlheinz Stockhausen, the city’s pioneering electronic composer, with performances by global avant-garde artists.

Insider Tip: Attend the festival’s “Electronic Midnight” series, where contemporary musicians reinterpret Stockhausen’s works using the Tonhalle’s advanced sound system, creating immersive 3D audio landscapes.

Coordinates: 51.2413° N, 6.7809° E

Japan Day – Sakura Edition

Join over a million visitors for Düsseldorf’s famous Japan Day in May 2024, marking its 20th anniversary with a special “Sakura Edition.” As Europe’s largest celebration of Japanese culture, this year’s event coincides with the city’s first-ever cherry blossom festival, transforming the Rhine promenade into a pink wonderland.

Insider Tip: Start your day at the new “Sakura Tunnel” near Burgplatz, then follow our Wingman guide through themed areas like “Matsuri Market” and “Anime Alley,” ending with the spectacular Japan-German fusion fireworks set to music from both cultures.

Coordinates: 51.2277° N, 6.7735° E (Burgplatz, start of the event)

Siegestor, Münich Germany

Kö-bogen by Daniel Liebeskind, Düsseldorf Germany

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düsseldorf top sights

Königsallee (King’s Avenue)

Well-known Fact: Affectionately known as “Kö” by locals, Königsallee is Düsseldorf’s luxurious shopping street, famous for its fashion stores and high-end boutiques set alongside a picturesque canal lined with chestnut trees.

Rhine Tower (Rheinturm)

Well-known Fact: The Rheinturm stands at 240.5 meters and is the tallest structure in Düsseldorf. It features a revolving restaurant and an observation deck that offers panoramic views of the city and the Rhine River.

Old Town (Altstadt)

Well-known Fact: Often referred to as “the longest bar in the world,” Düsseldorf’s Altstadt boasts over 300 bars and restaurants in a single square kilometer, offering a vibrant nightlife and the city’s famous Altbier, a traditional German dark beer.

Schloss Benrath

Well-known Fact: Built in the 18th century, Schloss Benrath is a Baroque-style palace with meticulously landscaped gardens, a museum dedicated to European garden art, and a natural history museum, making it a cultural and historical gem.

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Well-known Fact: This art collection is one of the most important in Germany, housed in two separate buildings, K20 and K21. It showcases a vast array of 20th and 21st-century art, including works by Picasso, Klee, and Warhol.

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